About me

Hi everyone and welcome to Marie’s Paradise!

So this is it! I’ve done it! I have finally found something that I know I will enjoy doing! But first, for those of you who don’t know me, here is a little introduction :

My name is Marie-Noëlle (or Marie if you prefer), I am 26 27 28…forget about it, I’ve stopped counting (!)…and live in Switzerland (let’s keep it short and sweet…just like me! 😉 )! I was trying to find something extra to do in my life for quite a while and thanks to my lovely husband, Matthew, I have found something great to do. After leaving High School I have trained and worked as a secretary in both Switzerland and England. Although I enjoy my work I wanted to start a new project. After a couple of years of thinking and trying out different things I have decided that this blog is what I want to do.

Marie’s Paradise is a blog that is devoted to presenting you with my favourite recipes from me, my friends and family. The dishes will be simple and delicious, so anyone can give them a go, even beginners. My recipes will reflect a bit who I am…a great mix! My mum is Chilean, my dad is Swiss and my husband is British. There will be plenty of new things to try and cook! I hope these recipes will inspire you and maybe help you change your mind about cooking (especially for those of you who think spending hours in the kitchen is a nightmare)…it is fun and rewarding, especially when you see your guests smiling and asking for more!

Enjoy it!! 🙂

Marie xxx


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